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Training: Charting a Course for Success

by Leslie Saunders (November 30, 2016 )

Leslie Saunders, president and owner of the insurance company that bears her name (left), trained employees on the company’s insurance offerings on the Hawaiian Islands this summer.

In order to make sure newly hired employees are effective in their roles and to keep current employees up-to-date on rental agreements and other topics, Avis and Budget provide training in many different forms. Online modules are available through abgUniversity to make learning more convenient for the hundreds of employees who require training each year. However, there are times when in-person training is helpful, especially if a topic is complex, like our loss damage waivers and insurance offerings.


Most states have enacted legislation or regulations permitting car rental companies who obtain “limited licenses” to offer or sell insurance in addition to renting vehicles. These limited licensing laws also require that our rental agents be thoroughly trained on the basics of insurance as well as the insurance products that we are offering at the counter. These products include personal accident coverage, personal effects coverage and additional inability coverage, all underwritten by our insurance company, Ace American Insurance Company/Chubb.

For more than 20 years, Avis Budget has worked with the Leslie Saunders Insurance Agency, Inc., the only certified woman-owned insurance, benefits and training company in the United States. Company president and owner Leslie Saunders and an associate are often called upon to train our associates to ensure that they understand the full scope of Avis and Budget’s insurance offerings.


“Leslie has a thorough understanding of all of these insurance products and is the best person to provide the kind of training required under such limited licensing laws,” said Barbara Vitale, director, Corporate Risk Management & Insurance.


Different training materials are developed for each state and Saunders must carefully coordinate sessions with Avis Budget so that training occurs ahead of the busy season in each location.


“The idea is to train new hires and provide a refresher for tenured associates,” Saunders said recently. “It’s important for them to know what they are offering our customers at the counter so that they can answer any questions that may arise.”


Saunders praised employees for being active participants in the more than 100 airports she visits each year. She noted that they often put in 12-hour days in order to be sure they covered all of the material, could effectively assist customers and answer their questions.


“It was nice to meet her in person,” said Marivic Jones, rental sales associate.  “I always want to be sure I am sharing the right information with our customers.  It was a great refresher, even after 24 years.”

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Improved performance.

Increased profitability.


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